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About Us

"The Beverly Hills of Sin City"

Santas Helpers Design LLC was founded and started purely out of true love for Christmas. The Holiday season is the pinnacle celebration of family, friends and the magic of the season. We continuously strive to bring that special feeling to our community through our design aesthetic and unique inventory never before seen in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. 

Our Story

Bryan grew up in Southern California and began his career at 14 years old. Always one for grandiose displays, he spent much of his childhood inspired by the art and mind of Walt Disney. Living within proximity to Disneyland, Bryan admired the magic that was and is still created throughout all of Disney Parks. Applying his love for design, art and fashion, Bryan has spent 29 years with an international career as a world-renowned female illusionist.


Chelsea, the “jill-of-all-trades” of the duo, was born and raised in a suburb of Detroit. In her early twenties, life offered her a chance to venture out to California. Here, she completed her degree in American Sign Language Interpreting with additional studies in Marketing & Design. But, life finds a way, and she quickly found herself in a profession of stage management for local shows throughout Southern California.


Bryan and Chelsea have been living in Las Vegas since 2016.


A message from our founders


There have been so many times in the past few years where we have been asked “Why Christmas?”. Although one might think this is a complex question- it is quite simple. It is the most magical time of the year.


Thirteen years ago, our friendship started, and we quickly realized that the universe partnered us up for a reason. At the core of all our ventures- we are best friends. Having worked in the entertainment industry from television to live theater, we both share the love for entertaining and creating the impossible.


For many years, we have shared a home and never celebrated Christmas. Year after year, we promised each other we were going to decorate.


2018 changed everything.


With the purchase of a few Christmas trees, our love for Chistmas has expanded into what we now call Santas Helpers Design LLC. The joy it brings to us to be able to showcase our love of the Holiday season and share it with our local community is truly a pure passion from our souls.


We are tickled to be able to work with you to create your next magical wonderland.


Merry Christmas every day of the year,

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Meet The Team

Our Clients

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